Newbie Looking for some basic guidance on moving over to AllStarLink

Hi, I’m Bryan (W1BRI). I just completed a portable mini repeater based on ORP/SVXLink using a Raspberry Pi. I also have a main EchoLink node on my home network (W1BRI-R, 3819) and have this setup using port forwarding (UDP, 5198, 5199, TCP 5200). I ran into some challenges trying to have mini repeater running on proxy at home along with the main W1BRI-R, you can only have one EchoLink station with one IP as everyone probably already knows. So after reading about AllStarLinik it seems like the better way to go in regards to linking repeaters together.

Before I decide on what interface hardware to purchase I have some general questions that I would like to ask first before jumping in.

1.) My plan is to deploy the portable mini repeater at some location such as my nephew’s beach house where I can hop on his WiFi just using his WiFi credentials that are located in the wpa_supplicant.conf file on the R_Pi. I don’t want to have to log into his home router and setup up any port forwarding. So this means I will need to learn how to setup a AllStarLink (ASL) proxy at my home QTH that can be reached/used by the portable repeater. From what little I have read so far this doesn’t seem too hard and doable. Also the port (4569) used by AllStarLink (ASL) is different than what my main EchoLink repeater is using so the port forwarding should be easy to setup. Once I get this portable repeater working on AllStarLink I know I will like it and probably switch over the main W1BRI-R repeater over to AllStarLink at some point. Now for my 2nd question:

2.) Assuming I have the portable repeater all working can I also bridge over to my main W1BRI-R EchoLink repeater, from what I have read so far this seems possible and welcomed.

So as a newbie I’d like to understand the difficulties in accomplishing this mini repeater project.
Its a pretty easy job for me to re-image my R_Pi for AllStarLink and do some minor re-wiring to use whatever interface I should go with, probably DMK URI or RB USB RIM Lite, any suggestions?
I’m pretty knowledgeable hardware wise but do struggle with software hi hi.

I think AllStarLink also supports Parrot mode in case nobody wants to talk to me hi hi.

I tried to upload a PDF showing my portable repeater project but got a complaint that new users can’t upload attachments, bummer.

Appreciate any support or advice before jumping in.


Welcome Bryan…

I think AllStarLink also supports Parrot
mode in case nobody wants to
talk to me hi hi.

I just one caution about the Parrot Mode…
Never have any technical discussions when using the parrot mode.
Responses can’t be TRUSTED to exceed your own knowledge base.
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On 6/9/20 10:01 AM, Bryan Cerqua via AllStarLink Discussion Groups wrote:

I think AllStarLink also supports Parrot mode in case nobody wants to
talk to me hi hi.


I am fairly new to Allstar. I purchased a Pi4 and the DMK interface… It was literately about 20 minutes from the time I started until I was up with a working node using a CDM1250 radio. There is only 1 port to forward (for incoming calls) (and 2 others if you want remote access (SSH) and Supermon (Web based Port 80). You should be able to initiate links to others without any port forwarding. As you said, You could always set up an open VPN link to home.

Best of luck,


Thanks Rich;

I’ve been looking at the RB USB RIM Lite interface seen on the repeater builders web site. I also see they have an interface that plugs directly into a SCOM 7330 controller port, this is very nice because this is what my main UHF Fusion DR1X repeater is using for a controller. This will help me migrate it over to AllStarLink very easily.

I just hope someone can respond with details on setting up a proxy or VPN to allow my portable repeater to work instead of having a dedicated home port forward setup. The whole purpose of this portable repeater is to allow usage at any place I might take it so I need to learn how to setup a proxy of some sorts. Hoping setting up a proxy for ASL is as easy as it is for EchoLink with the java script.
I wonder if other ASL users have done a proxy and can share the details on how to set it up.

Eager to make the interface purchase very soon since I need to get cracking on making the hardware changes to the portable repeater now that I’m working from home per say these days hi hi.

If anyone prefers to talk instead of type I have my portable repeater on EchoLink (Node 3819).
Giving my main UHF repeater EchoLink a break since I changed the port forwarding to point to the portable repeater for a while.

Wondering if its easy to use an EchoLink repeater from AllStarLink on the fly or does it take special permission or any file configuration changes?


Hi Larry;

Also in Parrot mode I win all my arguments hi hi.
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That means for one third of the time you must be doubling…?