Newbie and the docs are confusing

Ok, Im new to Linux. got my node setup and its connecting…testing it at the house before moving it to the rptr site 4 hrs away. I run a RLC Club on the rptr with preaccess turned on the main port (* precedes all commands)…want to limit ALLStar access using a different START command digit, also to prevent the RLC controller from making a match to a command intended for the ASL commands. Is there a way to do that? I have nano up and cannot figure out HOW to get to the FUNCTIONS or other files to edit them. Like I said Im a newbie…and the HOW TO leave a LOT to be desired for someone who is Windows experienced from getting things done on Linux…wish there was a STEP BY STEP for editing files (NOT just "go to this file /etc/blah blah blah…THAT doesnt help any!)…Is there such a manual or info for those of us NOT LINUX geeks??? :slight_smile: I have opened just about every page I can find and yet its 1000x confusing trying to figure it out.

Now back to my question: Is the START digit configurable? I dont want to use * as the START digit…can I change it??

If I set up the node using the automated commands, is there ANYTHING else I need to do or is it good to go on ASL?? I have NOT edited any files (obviously…I cant figure that out…do I need to put the card holding the files back into a Windows machine and edit them or ??? Yeah this is a new thing to me and I understand SOME of it…but to get to the point where I CAN edit the files is the problem…there is NO example shown on how to access the FUNCTIONS or other Stanzas, etc…(I think I said that right…If not, well that shows my inexperience in Linux)

Thanks for any help, etc…(I hope)

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Hi Chris, I have never tried changing but I found where you can do it. I like using windows so maybe you can connect to my node and we can chat, allstar 40039. I use WinSCP and log into my raspberry pi, I run hamvoip, then go to /etc/asterisk folder and open rpt.conf and scroll down to where this stuff is and you can try making the changes. I would first save an image of your sd card to my laptop, i use windows 10, use Win32DiskImager. That way if you mess things up you can restore from the image. I have several documents i would glad to send you if you send me an email with a good email for you, I looked you up on qrz and you said your email is being forwarded. Anyhow in rpt.conf here is the lines you want to change for your needs.

;inxlat = #456,#457,0123456789#ABCD
; translate digit strings inbound,
; in this case intrepret #456 as star,
; #457 as pound, and pass all the other
; chars listed in arg3 (optional)

inxlat=*,#,0123456789ABCD ;to send dtmf out to connected node uncomment in and out


;outxlat = *7,*0,0123456789#ABCD
; translate digit string outbound,
; in this case *7 generates star, *0
; generates pound, and all the other
; digits pass along

Good luck

Yes, check out inxlat on the wiki at Rpt.conf - AllStarLink Wiki

Add inxlat to your node(s) stanza. For example the default (even if not specified) inxlat would function like:
inxlat=*,#,0123456789ABCD ;default funchars and endchars

You want to change the * to something else such as as #123. So you have:
inxlat=#123,#321,0123456789ABCD ;new funcchars and endchars

Note both the new funcchars and endchars. That’s because of the way TT’s are decoded as first match (same as the phone company). If that wasn’t done you’d never get to decode funcchars because # would be decoded always, giving you an endchars every time.

I know it’s a bit confusing but I hope that makes.

Hi Chris,
We are running the same set up you described. Just change the preaccess in the RLC to #.
As others said WinSCP is what you need to learn how to use.
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