New to ALLSTAT - "Plug & Play" FOB Silver Bullet Nodes

New to ALLSTAR! Back in Amateur Radio after 20+ years out of country and new to all things digital. Not a commercial or an endorsement but while wait-listed for a couple of SHARIs, I purchased a “Plug & Play” FOB from Bobby Bruton AG5BB at Silver Bullet Nodes.
Used Bobby’s FOB with a Pi4B and a BF UV-5R. Bobby walked me thru the install and configure processes and the NODE ran rock-solid. Worked the East Coast Reflector and Bobby’s repeater yesterday, but had to shut the node down before a BF “low power” warning. Waiting on a battery eliminator for the BF UV-5R on this node, which should be here soon. Real test will be after reboot and long term operation.Just wanted to say that Bobby went WAY above and beyond what anyone could have expected. Cannot say enough good things about his assistance and expertise in getting a “newbie” on the air.

Sounds like a product being sold by the other guys
GeorgeC W2DB

Do you have a website for them? I can’t seem to find one.

Thank You

Looks like the website is defunct. :frowning:

I’m happy with the node-ventures node. Last I checked it’s still in stock

Not trying to plug or push product. Just happy and figured I’d help someone else looking for an easy not to setup.


Those are interesting but I was looking for a cable that goes from a radio to a node.

Thank you
73 de K4VL