New Quantar/RTCM Page in the Wiki

After fighting with a new-to-me Quantar, to get it interfaced to an RTCM, I’ve put together a page on the Wiki documenting the process to get up and running for a basic analog repeater application.

Quantar RTCM Wiki Page

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Hello fellow VE7! Great to see another Quantar post. Our club has interfaced five Quantar’s now (900 and 440) to AllStar using Pi’4s and RA-35/42 interfaces. One peculiarity we just discovered is that the timeout timer for the wireline interface doesn’t reset unless someone unkeys for a long time (I believe a couple of minutes) and we would find that when monitoring QSOs on another node for a while the system would time out, so I set that zero now and let the AllStar software handle the timeout (which it does correctly). Ours are mixed mode P25/NBFM and we route only the FM traffic over AllStar. Give a shout sometime on our hub node 450520 so we can hear how your setup sounds! 73, Adrian VE7NZ (Coquitlam, BC).

We do that too. P25 has PTT priority so we can talk locally on P25 at will.

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