Network data encrypted?

I was asked a question by some whom are interested in using Allstar for linking repeaters via an AREDN Mesh network (as I do) about encryption.

I really don’t know but I don’t think data flowing between nodes is encrypted, correct?

It cannot be per FCC Rules. Part 97 prohibits encryption

That’s over the air. As I read it, nothing in Part 97 prohibits encryption of the digital stream normally meant for the internet

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If you felt the need you could encrypt the traffic via a site to site VPN solution.

None of the voice traffic passes through ASL’s servers. The audio path is direct between end user’s nodes via normal internet routing.

Point being that I was approached by someone who is interested in doing with their repeater system what I am with mine - linking various sites together using Allstar but instead of the internet as network, using the AREDN Mesh, which operates solely in the Amateur microwave bands.They were concerned about encryption being used, hence my question

Allstar traffic is not encrypted.


To be clear about some posts here…

You can encrypt AR stuff. It just can’t be non-standard encryption.
But as pointed out, you could encrypt non ham freq transmissions with whatever encryption you legally have rights to use or create.
The FCC, NSA or any other branch must be able to de-crypt anything on amateur freqs.
So if it is a published accepted standard free from copyright, go for it.

Something for you to think on…
Back in the packet radio days of the 90’s, FBB and later w0rli compressed the message lists and TX them across the radio and internet.
Compression is a form of encryption for it is not native decipherable.
When you covert analog to digital voice, that also is a form of encryption, but has a standard published protocol.
Think about it some before you tell yourself or anyone else you can’t do it. It puts a crimp on developments by those who might do them.