My node is saying "COS-detected and PTT-keyed (full duplex)"

When I have either Allmon or Supermon open on my PC and I am connected to another node, I see my node flash on its line while others are talking “COS-detected and PTT-keyed (full duplex)”. When I talk to my friend in Australia, he cuts in and out and that line shows up on my node line. Any ideas???

Are you operating a repeater or a regular mobile or HT? If a mobile or HD you need to be set to half-duplex. In apt.conf find the line under you node stanza that says duplex=n. Make sure n is set to 1.

I am running a raspberry Pi with the Hamvoip img with a UV-82 connected to the pi with a ARA-1 sound board/Cable. I have it setup in Half duplex mode. When I connect to the other nodes and talking to them, I see on the supermon or allmon2 when they talk to me. My node line flashes "COS-detected and PTT-keyed (full duplex)”.

Is that a Supermon message? I’m not familiar with it.

Yes, That is the message I see in Supermon, on my node number line as folks are talking. When I am talking to my friend in Australia. It flashes that when he is talking and he cuts in and out while talking to me.

I’m still thinking you don’t have duplex=1 in rpt.conf under you’re [50205] stanza.

Here is the file snapshot.

There might be more than one node, a node [1999] stanza for example. If that is for node [50205] I’m out of ideas.

50205 is my node.


K3WHD ~ 73 Dave

I check that file again and it looks ok. It’s like something is timing out or something. I goto a node and listen. Folks are talking back and forth, but as they are talking it’s like they unkey the mike for a couple of second and it comes back talking as normal.


K3WHD ~ 73 Dave