Multiple instances of IAXRPT

I have my private Allstar Server on a linux PC with IP and it is connected to 3 IAXRPT clients installed in 3 different windows PCs i.e.
All three are connected with the same account mentioned in iax.conf file of server node i.e.
type = user
context = iaxrpt ; Context to jump to in extensions.conf
auth = md5
secret = xxxxxxxxxx
host = dynamic
disallow = all
allow = ulaw
allow = adpcm
allow = gsm
transfer = no
Is this the right approach to do or should I make separate accounts? if so how?
2) Another question is whether my private server node can connect to a radio basestation ( I am using Hytera with two walkie talkie ) using DMK URIx, so that it can transmit to all IAXRPT clients?

You can have one account or many.
You just choose based on purpose.
If you have many different users, you may want to be able to delete one where security is breached.
You can just use a new context if you wish for each.

On the other, I doubt I understand, your statement of connection method is not clear.
Here is some info on ‘private nodes’

by second question, I mean
usually for the hub (server) we give radio interface as “radioless” i.e dahdi/psuedo
what if I give it usbradio interface and connect by basestation to it through DMK URI?
ALSO, my multiple accounts of IAXRPT connected to the same server in iax.conf?
few months back you suggested me this link

what if, I remove the raspberry pi part and connect usbradio to the server directly?

You are confusing me even more…
The raspi is the server if you are using it.

iaxrpt connects to the IAX interface. Once there you can connect to any properly configured extension you have scripted in your dialplan.
But you must start with a connection from iaxrpt to a ‘NODE’ public or private in the asterisk radio channel.

Refer to this link:

It says there must be one radioless node/hub/server, then a raspi node (which is not server) and a laptop software.

Now I want to remove the raspi and directly connect my Usbradio to hub/server.

At least one ‘NODE’ on a server. iaxrpt can only connect to nodes.

As I said above…
But you must start with a connection from iaxrpt to a ‘NODE’ public or private in the asterisk radio channel.
That can be radio or radioless.

A node is not a server. The server is the (any) computer you run the software from.
A server can have as many nodes or telephone extensions as memory/cpu /bandwith support

So, by this you mean, i can connect my iaxrpt to raspi aswell by defining asterisk radio channel as usbrabio?

You can connect iaxrpt to a node on any server running app_rpt/ASL