Multiple AllStar nodes clients one Cloud VPN

I have 3 sites. Site A is Client Allstar node 1, Site B is Client Allstar node 2 and Site C is Cloud VPN Server w/static public IP.
Server is running Debian 12, Wireguard VPN and UFW Firewall. All under one static public IP.
I have firewall ports open and am forwarding each sites ssh port number and forwarding port 4569 for Site A and have port 4569 forwarded to Site B. The Allstar node function and are registered and using one Allstar server for both AllStar nodes…
Site A node Supermon connections works fine including Supermon. However, I can not access Site B AllStar node Supermon since Site A is already configured to 4569. Do I need to create a second Allstar server so I can change IAX to 4568.
Not sure what all has to be configured to make Supermon accessible to Site B node.

While using allmon/supermon,
you are using asterisk manager to be able to command the nodes from software.

From what you said, I can’t exactly tell your config.

But let me say it in a way you should be able to figure it out on your own.

the 4569 and potentially 4568 would be IAX ports, not manager ports.
The normal asterisk manager port is 5038 used by allmon/supermon And with that software, you are not using IAX for anything with the software. All the commands are sent to asterisk via asterisk CLI> thought the manager interface.
So, now you have some idea of how it works for troubleshooting.

If you are running more than one server behind the same NAT, you will need a different port for each server (properly forwarded/routed to IP). So that only one server answers a call to that port within your local network from a call made outside of it…

Please note the difference between a node and a server. A server can have many nodes running under the same IAX port. And only one manager port per server.
If you have a second server outside your NAT, you can use the same port number as one inside your NAT for the WAN IP is different.
But if both servers are inside your NAT (local) each will need it’s own port number.
Set in manager.conf and match those port numbers with forwarded port to the correct IP for access on the WAN/internet.

So, none of this is any different if one or more is in the cloud. Based on WAN IP and port more than anything. You just have to think where it is being routed to and it has been defined to answer in that spot…

Hope that helps.