Motorola Quick-Call II tones

Given app_rpt’s ability to generate all manner of courtesy tones, I was thinking about a broader idea.

Had anyone had success at emulating Motorola Quick Call tones using app_rpt?

I’ve been thinking about creating an extensions stanza and script that would grab a message that was recorded, then play QCII tones over the air to unsquelch a Minitor and play the audio file that was left.

Carl, K6CRS

The simplest way is to record the QC tones to a WAV file and play the file before starting the message.

It is possible to generate any tone/sequence via SOX to a file that can be played as a sound file.

You will need to see the SOX documentation.

I have done this with DTMF and others so multiple tones can be generated simultaneously.

But to do it by command may require some crafty scripting.
Unless you just use a few pre-recorded sound files. But even that would require some light scripting.or just command creation.

Yeah, I was thinking of generating the tone pairs with SOX. I’m reasonably good with SOX, it’s a powerful beast. Since it’s pretty much for myself I can pick a tone pair (or whatever pair is left in the Minitor) and hard-code it.

Scripts are no problem…you should see how I automate the capture and playback of amateur radio news services whose audio levels are ALL OVER THE PLACE.

I guess my follow-on question is: Can you execute a script within a stanza in extensions,conf?

EDIT: Answered my own question with a two-second search:

exten => n,System(/path/to/


While it is more convenient to execute from extensions.conf and have the full asterisk dialplan commands when you know how to get there,
you may also run a script file from a single command in rpt.conf
xxx=cmd,/path/to were xxx is the command number you assign.