More (not able to) connect games

A friend is trying to get a replacement computer going (existing node 54326). No changes to port forwards on his internet router except to point to new (mac address reserved) IP on his LAN. Supermon running on the same instance of Debian. is reachable and usable no problem.

Here’s what the CLI reports during a connect attempt:

 -- Accepting UNAUTHENTICATED call from
       > requested format = gsm,
       > requested prefs = (gsm|ulaw|adpcm|g722|g726aal2|ilbc),
       > actual format = ulaw,
       > host prefs = (ulaw|adpcm|g722|g726aal2|gsm|ilbc),
       > priority = mine
    -- Executing [54326@radio-secure:1] Rpt("IAX2/", "54326") in new stack
[Nov  8 07:53:38] WARNING[18227]: app_rpt.c:23257 rpt_exec: Reported node 57387 cannot be found!!
  == Spawn extension (radio-secure, 54326, 1) exited non-zero on 'IAX2/'
    -- Hungup 'IAX2/'
  == Refreshing DNS lookups.

Node 57387 is registered and appears on the ASL registration server (as does 54326 for that matter)

Interesting. However, for that test I just used a node I thought was active! But the same errors happen no matter the node number. For example, another buddy’s node (55867) also cannot connect and generates the same error and his does report active

List the connected nodes public and private during a failed attempt on both nodes.

Turned out the issue was that rpt_extnodes did not exist nor was it being updated. Creating a cronjob once a day has resolved the issue

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