Message from the Board of Directors - Member's Meetings

In light of a recent update to the website and FCC applications the Board has been asked about “memberships” and the status of any “members” and their right to convene official “member’s meetings” to gain control of the resources of AllStarLink.

To clarify, since its inception (both in Jim Dixon’s time and as AllStarLink Inc) AllstarLink has never offered memberships or had members period. Furthermore, anyone who claims they are, were, or knows a member of AllstarLink is misinformed and may be participating in a fraudulent action to deceive the public, past volunteers and (we just discovered) the US federal government (FCC, USPS etc).

Allstar is run and maintained by many dedicated volunteers that spend long hours improving and assisting network users. The Board’s duty is to let our volunteers work free from harassment and public scrutiny and we would prefer to be relaying gratitude from our thousands of users vs wasting time deflecting these publicly posted nonsense and fraudulent applications and filings. We will be following up with the appropriate federal authorities, and rest assured that the network is in good hands will remain so.

73s and take care, Pete

Pete Elke /WI6H - President
Todd Lesser /KM6RPT - Secretary
David Shaw /WB6WTM - Treasurer
Tim Sawyer /WD6AWP - Vice President
Kevin Custer /W3KKC - Board Member