Master disconnect

Just got my Node running and some repeaters have linked to me and i cant seem to disconnet them…ive tried * 1
*71…all the ones posted…
How is it that i cant take off a lknk that connected to my repeater?
What am i missing…
If i bring up a link and i connected and then i transmitted and took it down shouldnit tell me in lm disconnected?? Because its not… it tells me im connected but im connected to something and it wont go away…
I finally unplugged it from my base station…

Whats the trick

*1 xxxxx
*10  will disconnect the last station 'YOU' connected with a *2 or *3

where xxxxx is the node to disconnect.
However, if you continue to have issues, I would check your audio levels, as if it is not correct,
you may not be decoding all dtmf. You can watch that a bit if you monitor asterisk in the foreground.
asterisk -rvvv from a shell prompt

Hope that gets you somewhere.