Map only showing nodes

The node map only is showing nodes. No state boundries are showing. I tried Microsoft and Firefox. Any Ideas on what’s going on?

Could you say what ‘MAP’ or NODE MAP’ you are looking at ?

If you are talking about the bubble chart

It only shows node relative connections.

Sorry I did not make that clear. Here is what I am talking about.
AllStar Node Map (

Well, I do not know who authored that.
I suspect it is the folks at repeaterbook or someone new.
Maybe someone will chime in with some more info.

It is unknown to me and locations are very far off by perspective, many 180 degrees off.

I used to use this a lot but haven’t looked at in a year or so when I found the problem. I thought is was a good tool to look at the nodes near me.

I think you will need to track down the site admin.

It looks like the interface/protocol they use to for streetmaps is not functioning / out of date.