Manager.conf bindaddr

Is the bindaddr parameter in manager.conf a public or local IP address?

It could be either. That depends on where/how your server is. So, it depends on what will be accessing it.

If the manager is on the same server as the web server, you can just use (internal) even if the server has only a public IP.

The address will bind allowing only that address to access the manager.

So, if it is a cloud server and the web page is served up somewhere else, you need to bind to that address of the web server which would be a public address.

It’s what it looks like from the manager server’s point of view. What address is the request coming from? that is what you need.

If you have several servers inside of your NAT, the bind address could be the local private address if that server is looking at the local address when calling it.

I am assuming you are doing this for Allmon or like web server page.

You can bind it to if you want to test it, but there is no security in that except user/pass. is something we do in iax.conf as we have the registration list to provide security and the requesting IP’s vary by node.

I should add, that if you access from outside of the NAT, the router will need to port forward the manager port to the correct private IP you are accessing.