Main Hub Server Share Autopatch With IAX Connected Private Nodes?

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In my learning about how to properly change settings and configure a Hub, I have a question…
Can private nodes on remote sub-servers, that are permanently linked back to the Hub Server that is sharing Echolink with a single Allstar public node number, access the Autopatch that is enabled on the Hub? Or does running those sub-servers block the dtmf command to pull up the Autopatch on the Hub? I don’t have any RTCM’s at the moment, but I would imagine they wouldn’t have a problem calling up the Autopatch on the Hub.

I know Autopatch is kinda considered taboo and outdated, but if I figured the system I am swapping out had Autopatch, I might as well enable it on this one.

Thanks for any suggestions or guidance. I have been scouring the forums and wiki pages looking for info.


I stumbled onto this in the Allmon thread group… Does this still work, as I don’t see this anywhere in my fresh install on Debian in my rpt.conf file.

#Command Mode

at repeater with DTMF
*4 nodenumber to enter command mode

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I believe remote_dtmf_allowed=1 is the default. I was going to look at the wiki to see if it’s documented but it’s down this morning. Will check later.

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