MACRO works but no TX audio [Resolved]

Hello I hope somebody can help me. I’m stumped. I’m running a private node connected to a UV-5R, DMK URI and PI 4. I can send DTMF commands to the node using another handheld. Watching the Asterisk CLI I see chan_simpleusb.c receiving the DTMF characters. e.g. *70. Then, I see Asterisk playing the message. However, the UV-5R doesn’t transmit the messages. Same thing happens if I issue the command directly on the asterisk console (rpt cmd 6502 status 12 xxx).

As an experiment, I manually worked the PTT while the message was supposed to be playing back and got no audio. So the audio isn’t sent to the URI.

I set up the audio levels in simpleusb-tune-menu. So I know asterisk can transmit and receive audio using the UV-5R. I also checked alasa-mixer and the USB card has non-zero values for speaker and mic.

This is the latest version of allstarlink updated today. (Although, I had to manually add the GPG repository key.)

duplex = 1
telemdefault = 1
telemdynamic = 1

Any ideas of what to try next???


Here’s a snippet of what I see on the CLI>.

[Apr 16 13:26:11] NOTICE[2194]: chan_simpleusb.c:2910 simpleusb_read: Got DTMF char 7
[Apr 16 13:26:12] NOTICE[2194]: chan_simpleusb.c:2910 simpleusb_read: Got DTMF char 0
[Apr 16 13:26:16] NOTICE[2194]: chan_simpleusb.c:2910 simpleusb_read: Got DTMF char *
[Apr 16 13:26:17] NOTICE[2194]: chan_simpleusb.c:2910 simpleusb_read: Got DTMF char 7
[Apr 16 13:26:18] NOTICE[2194]: chan_simpleusb.c:2910 simpleusb_read: Got DTMF char 0
– <DAHDI/pseudo-292001235> Playing ‘rpt/node’ (language ‘en’)
– <DAHDI/pseudo-292001235> Playing ‘digits/6’ (language ‘en’)
– <DAHDI/pseudo-292001235> Playing ‘digits/5’ (language ‘en’)

I don’t think it is a error in the software perse…

While I never run a half duplex system and have no experience with the issue,
I think you will find the source of it in duplex modes, as the audio is not being gated open as intended in certain modes.
But first you might look in simpleusb.conf for this…
duplex=1 ; Full Duplex

But this from the wiki should help.

Thanks - I tried duplex = 1 in simpleusb.conf and that didn’t fix the issue. I also played with a bunch of different combinations for duplex in rpt.conf, with no luck. I don’t have an earlier version PI available, but I think the latest beta is supposed to work with the PI 4. BTW - I tried restarting as well as rebooting between changes. Thanks for trying.

I also re-imaged the SD card from scratch without doing any software updates. Maybe I’ll try the usb dsp channel, next. It’s gotta be something simple!

More weird behavior. I tried the URI in another computer and was able to play audio through the handheld just fine. (VLC and manually working the PTT.) So I know the hardware and wiring job is OK. When I plugged the URI back into the PI4, I was able to play audio using ‘rpt cmd 6502 status 12 xxx’. The HT keyed up and transmitted audio. However, still not able to hear the results of a macro. After a reboot, back to no sound with the ‘rpt cmd’. I tried a PI3 I found laying around with the same results.

BTW - as per my last post, I switched to the dsp USB channel. It seems to decode the DTMF tones better, but still the same behavior.

So at this point, I’m fairly certain this might be a bug in the recent beta version of code. The web site says to use at your own risk and hasn’t been updated in over a year! I will try version BETA 5 on the PI4. If that doesn’t work, I guess I’ll have to go back to ASL 1.01 and the PI3. (I think I read the ASL 1.01 doesn’t work on a PI4 or perhaps it was multiple USB sound cards didn’t work. I’ve read so many articles, blogs and posts!)

Thanks for any help or pointers.

Could we see the macro in question exactly as it appears in your file

But, I am not aware if allison will talk/play audio on output in duplex=1
I don’t use half duplex ever.
There are some issues with Pi4 and unfortunately, we have no list to point you to.
And of the issues that surface, many that I do not remember, most do not come back and tell us what they found to be the problem, so, hard for me to say any bug, or just bad config.
But if you really think you have spotted a bug, follow direction in wiki in reporting it.

Issue Resolved - the COR signal from the UV-5R wasn’t high enough to trigger the COS change in the URI. When I measured it the first time, I’m sure I saw 3 volts or something, which is above the 2.2V required to indicate ‘high’. I measured it again and it was only 2.2 V.

So I added a transistor and changed carrierfrom to usbinvert in simpleusb.conf.

My clue was finding the ‘V’ option in the simple tune app. COR didn’t change state when the HT received a signal. Now *70, *81, etc work. I get a response. The other clue was the lack of a beep after ker-chunking the node.

Thank you to all who read and replied to my message.