Lost network access - Node Registration

I seem to have lost connectivity to the network and noticed my nodes are “not registered” I may have inadvertently caused an issue as I had a power failure while in the midst of setting up a second node on the Allstarlink site. Can someone tell me how to get them re-registered? I assume this is a network registration for routing my nodes.

I am still pretty new to this network and still learning.

My Rasp Pi running supermon, my communication board, and my radio are all working properly just can connect to the Allstar network.


Yes, Kevin, you are somewhat correct,
But I believe it should re-attempt in some interval.

Make sure you can ‘PING’ an outside IP address to know that you do have network connectivity,
and perhaps a restart of asterisk.
systemctl restart asterisk
or reboot
If you still have issues, restart your router and then reboot your server after it has time to start.

And of course, if you can not PING anything on the outside, you have other networking issues the above may fix.
It may be DNS issues, so you may be restarting your broadband router and each piece down the line if you get no results.
But don’t play with your config till you have flushed the network out.