Looking for documentation for router port forwarding

Group, I am looking for documentation to make adjustments to my router to accommodate incoming and outgoing of the Raspberry Pie running AllStar.

I am new to AllStar, coming from Echolink. As I recall there were some settings that needed to be made on the router to allow Echolink to function and suspect similar settings also need to be made to accommodate AllStar.

Just need to be directed to the supporting documentation.

Thank you.
Bret C/AC0AE
Neodesha, KS

It’s pretty simple.

For outbound connections no port forwarding is needed. If you don’t want anybody to connect to your node this is a simple way to do that. You will still be able to connect outbound to any node.

For incoming connections the IAX port must be forwarded to your node. The default IAX port is 4569 UDP. Just forward that your node and you’ll be all set.

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Thank you for your prompt reply.

The solution sounds simple and straight forward.
Please see the attached image from my router control.
Is the “AllStar UDP 4569” setting set properly?

The other three settings, TCP and UDP sound like they are not needed, is this correct? (I ran across these settings as suggested settings from some various sites.)

Thank you for your help ans support.
Bret C/AC0AE
Neodesha, KS

I’m not familiar with this router. But my guess is:

You don’t want a range on the GlobaI Port. Make it a single port the same as the Host Port. Port 82 isn’t doing anything unless you are running Supermon or Allmon2 there and accessing it from the internet. So delete those for now. Also delete port 222 unless you really need to ssh in remotely.

So leave only Global 4669 UDP to Host Port 4569. That is all you need for other nodes to connect to you.

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Many thanks for the prompt support.

Just for clarity, in your reply you stated,

[quote=“wd6awp, post:4, topic:16759”]
So leave only Global 4669 UDP to Host Port 4569. That is all you need for other nodes to connect to you

Is the Global actually 4669 or should it actually be 4569?

Below is a screen shot of my ATT router that shows the options for editing the port. What numbers do you recommend that I put into the “Global Port Range”?

I certainly appreciate your guidance.

Bret C/AC0AE
Neodesha, KS

I think you should use port 4569 for BOTH Global Port and Host Port.

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OK, thank you.

For clarity and to help others in the future who may be using and ATT router, below is a screen shot of my settings . If this is incorrect, please let me know. Thank you!
Neodesha, KS

This aint right as there is no local ip internal ip adress that the router will send the data received on the external port.
You should have something like : External port: 4569 internal adress: 192.168.xxx.xxx port: 4569 as the minimal setting for real port fowarding.

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Look under advance firewall and search for pinhole and fowarding. Seen such wordings on ATT routers

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Try this page from the AT&T site:

Port Forwarding

Choose your AT&T device model and follow the instructions.

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Ash and Pierre thank you for your help.

I found that it is a two step process on my bgw210-700 router. I did not find clear instructions on the AT&T help pages but did find some clarity on this page. https://portforward.com/arris/bgw210-700/ Many thanks!
Bret C / AC0AE
Neodesha, KS USA