Login ID and Password

I am using Allstarlink software for my node but have forgotten my user ID and password. The defaults “repeater” and “allstarlink” were changed but don’t remember what I changed them to. It there a way to bypass the login screen, some backdoor to get to the files?

That would not be very good security if there were don’t you think.

I would search google for just that for a method for the operating system you are using as they may be different within each OS and version…

This is OS security, not ASL security. You are just using asl style user and passwords.

If you are using a raspberry pi, there is a way to get in. Let me know if that is the case.

Yes, it’s a RPI 3B+. I have placed the SD card into a card reader and looked at the files, but there is no /etc/passwd file. The ls command brings up a bunch of .dtb files and that’s all. There is no structure that resembles a Linux file system.

without having a linux interpreter your not going to read linux files structure on windows. best bet reformat the card and do a fresh install and write your information down as you go along.


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