LIve status of inout/output of a simpleusb node using a URi-X

Is there a way to view the status of the URI-X pins while testing a node

A nice application that poll the URI-X with out even running asterisk would be so nice to have when you are programing a repeater and want to confirm that the cor or ctss line are pulled high or low.

Linux or windows I dont care. (but windows would be the best as usely you program the radio on windows.

we would just have to connect the URI-X (or moded fob) to the windows machine and have a visual statur of the pins… I am no programmer I code on c on my arduino’s and some python on my raspberry pi’s but not enough to be able to do such a thing…

Was not there a way to see the status of a node by the asterisk cli?

The simpleusb-tune-menu of HamVoIP does that. I’m not recommending HamVoIP because of OpenSource issues… just saying.