List of error codes?

I recently moved to Debian 12 and ever since, neither Echolink nor ASL itself registers with their respective registration servers. I’m using the EXACT same config files in 12 as I used in 11. Same router, same port forwards, same IP, etc.

The logs report the connection to fails with error 422 and
ERROR[519] chan_echolink.c: One of the Echolink servers missing.

All port forwards are correct as needed and I’m stumped.

I think the error is being reported by the stats server itself

I used the complete URL from the log entry that failed and ran it from the bash shell. to wit:

root@debian12ASL:~# wget,T57387,T1002,T1103,T1102&apprptvers=2.0.0&apprptuptime=205&totalkerchunks=0&totalkeyups=0&totaltxtime=0&timeouts=0&totalexecdcommands=6

wget-log shows:

root@debian12ASL:~# more wget-log
–2024-04-06 12:45:59--
Resolving (…
Connecting to (||:80… connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response… 422 Unprocessable Entity
2024-04-06 12:45:59 ERROR 422: Unprocessable Entity.


Ahhh… 422 is the registration server saying it understands the command but the included data/syntax is bad.

Ok, now to figure THAT out…and why is is ok under Deb11 and not Deb12

Update your echolink.conf to include the following servers:

server1 =
server2 =
server3 =
server4 =

Nope, that didn’t make any difference