Linking Allstar to a MMDVM hotspot - DMR to Allstar Node Bridge

Linking Allstar to a MMDVM

Hello group,
I am trying to find information how to link the AllstarNode to a mmdvm.

This way I can use a mmdvm device as the RF and using a DMR, P25 to transmit.

Day long research - “DVswitch” I found the following on Youtube ::

DMR to Allstar Node Bridge


DVSwitch converts Analog to whatever Digital Mode you want. the latest is called DVServer. you do not connect it to a MMDVM . it is a Bridge.

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My ClearNode just added support for this (DMR Brandmeister only), so I know it’s doable. From taking a short glance at it, it looks like they added MMDVM_Bridge and Analog_Bridge.

A dummy node, 1999, was added to rpt.conf to facilitate the bridge:

rxchannel = USRP/
linktolink = no
idrecording = |ie
idtalkover = |ie

Analog_Bridge is listening on port 34001 so that’s how it’s talking with Asterisk.

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correct 34001 and 32001 is what it uses thru USRP.

If I understand correctly, you are trying to use MMDVM hardware for AllStar, it is possible if you are trying to use an actual MMDVM modem, NOT a hotspot board. There is a branch of MMDVMHost that can talk to AllStar via USRP. You would have MMDVMHost and AllStar installed. This could be on the same host or different hosts on the same LAN.

If you are trying to use analog hardware to operate AllStar, DMR, D-Star, NXDN, P25, then you can add DVSwitch Server to your AllStar node and access all modes from an analog radio (and Android, HTML)

Hope this helps,
Steve N4IRS