Lightweight browser for allstar bash

I know it is not recommended however I would like to install a small browser like dillo or gnome to answer challenge questions on public wifi areas for my portable allstar system. This will remove the requirement for a travel router.

connect to wifi
enter bash
start browser
answer questions
shutdown broswer
leave bash
allstar happy

I am NOT a linux user but I tried the recommended “sudo apt install dillo” and I get APT not found. Anyone doing this all ready? If so how did you do this?

I wasn’t familiar with Dillo and googled it. Looks like it a GUI browser for KDE or one of those Linux desktops. There is no GUI desktop installed on AllStar nodes such that which would be requires to install Dillo. And doing so would eat up too many resources, particularly on a Pi node.

Current AllStar nodes do have Allmon2 installed. Allmon can be configured to do any node operations you’d like. Have you looked at Allmon? We can help you get it running it you’d like.

Hi and thanks for the reply. I do not know what Allmon is but I will read up on it tonight. So your saying that with Allmon I can log in to a open hotel wifi and Allmon will help me type in the room number and hit accept so I can use a third party wifi? This will be a big help…write now I have to carry a travel router and use my laptop to attach it then have the allstar node log into my travel router. Too many devices and steps.

Supermon is a derivative of Allmon, with a bunch of buttons (too many imho). Supermon may already have a WiFi button. If you’re running HamVoIP Allmon and Supermon are both already installed.

I’ve installed LYNX as a texted base web browser on my pi that has HamVoip. It seems to be able to get out onto the internet. I still need to test if it would work on a network like you are wanting to use on. Give that a try.