LCD Screen GPIO Uses

Has anyone written any scripts/programs that utilize a LCD Screen attached to the GPIO pins for callsigns, etc?

Allstar does not have access to user callsign. Just node #
I guess you could query ASL DB, but it would be the node call and not the user call. Think multi-user systems ie repeater.

I do have a LCD on a Pi but I use it for watching asterisk in the foreground. CLI

If you also use DVSwitch, those data modes contain callsigns. And they can be seen through Asterisk CLI as text message along with all the other verbose level data.

I use DVSwitch too, do you mind sharing your code?

No code involved.

After boot,

asterisk -rvvv

to run asterisk in the foreground with a verbose level of 3

Lots of info will pass by and at times to fast to catch.

How do you output asterisk -rvvv to your LCD? That’s what I was asking.

Well, it is the primary display. About as big as the Pi.
You do need to load the display drivers,
If your display is not big enough, I doubt you could do this.

I’m using a 16x2 LCD, not an OLED or other type of display. It’s just for text, which is why I figured showing connected nodes or last keyed node would be useful to have, especially if portable.

Not going to do much with that.
Since your target is DVSwitch to get a callsign,
You should post your query at dvswitch