Keyed Nodes Beta - Feedback?

I’ve had this running for a while now and would love some feedback on it. I’ve found it so much more useful than just the standard keyed nodes page and would like to make it even more useful.

What do y’all think?


I think is better than the old keyed nodes. But I find it hard to follow and impossible to click any of the node links. Could there be a freeze button, a snapshot that would keep the links live?

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I like it Rob, maybe delay it 5-10 seconds per update. But I like the the fact you can also see the amount of active calls!


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What if there was a selectable delay for say 0, 1, 5, 10 seconds and freeze?

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Also the fine grained resorting needs to stop

Maybe less value options in time. Maybe 0-10 second and then 11-20. This would make it less jumpy and systems would move up the list vs just swap around.

“<10 sec”
“<20 sec”
“<30 sec” as substitutes for actual seconds.

It feels a bit like catching fish with your hands now.

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For sure. I’ll add a pause feature.

I added a pause, clear, and filter feature to the latest beta – check it out!

Very nice. Especially love the filter!

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Just a quick bump on this topic –

Any more feedback on the updated live keyed nodes? Do you prefer the old, non updating one over the new one?

I think we’ll retain the old one indefinitely, but the new live one is stable and working well. Pending any last minute fixes, it’s ready to have the Beta tag removed :slight_smile: