Kenwood TMV71E interfacing with ASL

Hi all,
anyone use asl radio connection with KNW TMV71E?
this rig has a echolink interface built in, is compatible with ASL ?
I run this radio with svxlink and rpi wired to radio, work fine.
i only changed SD with ASL on the rpi but the radio do not interfacing.
Any idea ?

There are several answers here depending on your intentions with it.

The skinny is that the radio is not ‘directly’ tunable/controllable with the app_rpt/ASL software using the normal software remote base interface.

You can interface the radio as any other radio through a USB Radio Interface (URI), but that is just for COS/PTT and audio.

I will hold my explanation there unless you have something specific.

I might add that echolink is directly attachable to a ASL node, no radio required.

Ok Mike, thanks for the answer.