Just got Pi 3+ for use with Kenwood Tkr-851 repeater

Looking for information on how to interface and set up an ALS Node on a Kenwood Repeater.
I get there are things to be set up within the repeater & the RasPi has to be set up with script , but there are many so which one is best.? Then is the RasPi 3+ all i need to interface to the repeater and if so is there an interface cable pre made for it. And it there another device that i need to buy that is hooked up to the RasPi ?
I get I need to register the Node with ALS…
Im new to ALS and just wanting to make the Repeater Available to Hams all over and in our local area over the ALS.
O ly part i have so far is the RasPI 3+…
I need to know what else i need and what is the configuration i need and what if any interface cables are available. The repeater is ready to go on the site and i wantbto get the Link and Node set up before it goes to the Site. THANK YOU FOR ANY HELP…

With a Pi, you will need a USB Radio Interface (URI)
While I do not know if anyone makes a specific set for that Kenwood, you will have to look for it.
But generally, that would make it plug-n-play I would think.

Assuming they do not make a specific URI with cable-set for that,
you will need to do it generically by just attaching to the receiver COS and the TX PTT and finding a good place to get the audio from each.

Configurations can vary. First with the special URI perhaps if you find one, you would need to follow their instructions. Generically, there are several audio options better seen in the config files RadioUSB/SimpleUSB
Being discriminator audio, line level audio and speaker level, padded or not. As well as logic signals.
So the exact config is very dependent on what you are able to acquire from the equipment.

Perhaps a Kenwood repeater user will chime in with their experience.

But I suggest you get started with loading the software on the Pi and get familiar with it.
And get a schematic for the repeater so you can find the proper places to acquire the signals.

Hello. I have just placed a Kenwood TKR-851 UHF FM Repeater on the air with an AllStarLink Node (567160). I purchased a cable on eBay which came with some simple instructions for 1 change in the Kenwood programming. As with many node/radio setups, a little trial & error was needed BUT the biggest thing was to get the 1 change done right via the Kenwood software.

The eBay ad said:

Kenwood TKR-750, TKR-751 or TKR-850, TKR-851 Base/Repeaters All Star Cable. This Cable Interfaces The Kenwood TKR Repeater

To The DMK URI For All Star. Cable Length Is Approximately 36". DB25 Connectors On Each End.

Bench Tested With All Star Node, And I Will Provide All Star Simple-USB Settings, And Kenwood Repeater DB25 I/O

Programming Information. Buyer Is Responsible For Programming The Kenwood Repeater. Purchase Is For Cable Only,

As Pictured. Buyer Pays $4 USPS Lower 48 Shipping. PayPal Accepted. Please E-mail Any Questions Before Purchasing.


E-mail Any Questions. WB4IVB E-MAIL GOOD ON QRZ

I can provide the node settings that seem to work; however, the cable specified using Hamvoip Allstar Software. I did so but I’m sure one could use the main fork available here.

The settings appear to be right on the money as others have told me to lock it down where it is…can’t get any better.

Gary AK4ZX
Chattanooga, TN

Thank you for your information.
I just put the Kenwood TKR 851 on the Air here in Star Idaho and i would like to make it Allstar link capable. I already have the Raspberry Pi 3+ but nothing else and have the Software for the repeater. If you could give me the details on your set up and what eles i need and the changes you made to the repeater software would be most appreciated.
Chris Cox


I haven’t forgotten you. We’re in the middle of a tower installation, which should be complete by this weekend. I’ll provide all the details of my setup for the Kenwood TKR-851 / AllStarLink shortly. I’m not an AllStarLink or repeater expert by any means, but it is working well here.


Gary AK4ZX

Thanks…im not in a hurry when ever u get
A chance…