Just a quick question (allstar newbe)

Im going to be setting up My Asl on my RPi3 and I read that it wants to.know if its for a repeater which I asume that if the RPi is installed in the Repeater. Or, it asks if is simplex or half duplex or full duplex.

I have a Alinco UHF radio with the Allstar RIM Lite interface plugged into the DB-9 in the back of the Radio. I will be using it from that radio. I already have the Node Number assigned . So the question is, am I setting it up as Simplex or Half or Full Duplex.

Also im wondering if other Hams can use my node on my radio from my Repeater if I give th accsess if its not actually plugged it the repeater.

If it can be used remotely from my repeater that would be great…
I cant put the RPi at the Radio site in the repeater because there is no actual Internet available and only way i can do that is with a Point to Point.

Thanks Guy’s

Your confusion is understandable for the use of the term REPEATER any more.

But describing your equipment is not exactly going to tell anyone on the outside how it is used to help you make that definition.

Just know that generally speaking a REPEATER is a system that simultaneously repeats audio from one frequency of a rx and transmits that to another.
And this would be a FULL DUPLEX operation, and normally would require a duplexer to allow that FULL DUPLEX on a ‘single rf antenna’.

Anything less than TX while RX would likely be a HALF DUPLEX operation. Nut not necessarily.

But the software is not going to ask you, you will need to tell it what you are doing in settings.

And this discussion forum is here to help with specific issues you may run into.
These may also help.



Along with the great references Mike pointed out. To answer your question simply…Yes you can run the ASL node from home. You use it as a simplex link to the repeater. You run the Alinco freqs in reverse of the repeater. Two things will need to be dealt with … Your repeater should have Tone on the output. The repeater should ID without Tone being active during the ID period. The Alinco of course should use its CTCSS tone control. Doing that your ASL node will not propagate your repeater’s ID out over the Allstar network.

Larry - N7FM

“You run the Alinco freqs in reverse of the repeater.”
Well I said that wrong meant hook your TX and Rx of the ASL node in reverse.

I need more Coffee!!

Larry - N7FM

Thanks for all the input…and info…

I had figured out some of what was said here… i ran into some other issues as well that the interface module had no audio at all on TX… Turned out they sent me the wrong module. It was supposed to be for Allstar and Alinco radio
They sent me the board for 9600 packet radio for an Alinco…
Couldnt get anything to work right with transmit side of the link.

Thanks again all

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