Issue with SuperMon and AllStar Monitor

I am new to AllStar. I recently purchased an AllStar SHARI device and went through the configuration steps. However when I load the SuperMon\AllStar monitor web page it does not show any configuration buttons on the screen. I am wondering if I missed a step or section in the setup. I can confirm from the AllStar Link | Node List site that it shows my node being connected. Any help would be appreciated.

I believe I may have fixed the problem. I am wondering if it is the complex password that I used for the admin account for supermon or if I just missed a step in configuring the manager.conf, allmon.ini, rpt.conf or the update of the .htpasswd file. Either way it is clear that I did something incorrectly the first time, because it wouldn’t let me login.

As root, I think you can delete the pwd file and re-do those steps.
sudo, su or log on as root.

There is the support group at /supermon