Is there an allmon3 troubleshooting guide?

I followed the steps on github for installing allmon3 on Debian 11. All of the steps executed fine. But when I access “http://<ip>/allmon3” I just get “404 Not Found” in big letters.
As much of a linux guru as I am, I don’t know that much about web servers.
Maybe it’s just a “me” problem. I installed this on a RPi4 that is also running pihole (those docs are in /var/www/html). I also may have had a previous version of allmon3 installed, and installed 0.11.6 on top of it.
systemctl status allmon3 shows “active (running)”.
I started investigating the files installed by the deb package, and found /etc/apache2/conf-available/allmon3.conf which seems to indicate allmon3 is using port 16080. Using ss -antp | grep 16080 confirms that the allmon3 user is listening at this port. So then I run curl "http://localhost:16080" and the response is literally the document “404: Not Found”. So where do I go from here? Does anyone have a troubleshooting guide?

The Allmon3 packaging is not compatible with Pihole. Pihole is intended to operate as an appliance and uses lighttpd instead of Apache. Allmon3 currently only supports Apache from the packages. While it’s likely possible to make this work manually with a custom install I suspect it’s difficult and prone to Pihole overwriting things. I would suggest using a standalone Pi or other Linux system.

The ports 16080 and 16700+ are for internal communications between the webserver and allmon3 service daemon - they are not used directly by any web browser client.

Thanks. Apparently I had configured apache2 on port 8080 to deconflict the two webservers, and forgot about that. Accessing at :8080 works. Maybe at some point I’ll figure out a reverse proxy to handle it better.

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