iPhone RepeaterPhone App setup for private node

y private node works fine with Android phones and DVSwitch but I can’t figure out how to set a private node on the iPhone RepeaterPhone app.

I’ve tried Favorites, +, Select Node, enter node number, username, password, but then the add node is grayed out and I can’t add the node.

Anybody have any luck with this?

Got a response back from the RepeaterPhone app developer. They confirmed that an Allstarlink parent account must be setup first before a node connection can be created even if it is a private node not connected to the larger amateur radio Allstarlink network. That’s disappointing since my stand-alone apt-rpt server works great for Android and DVSwitch. Hope they will consider a change for future builds of the iPhone app.

May I ask for a link to the apps website, so I might read on what it is they are doing.