Installing OpenVPN

Does anyone have current instructions on how to install OpenVPN for the HamVoip version of AllStarLink on a Rpi4? None of the info I have looked at seems to line up with any of the files that need to be changed.
I need for the node to be connected to the network without using port forwarding. I have already installed easy RSA and UFW using PacMan. I am also not for certain if any of this in the correct directory.
I have already set up a free account with OpenVPN.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


HamVoip uses Arch Linux under the hood. Check out their Wiki for installing:

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Thank you. That should put me in the right direction. I’ll keep you posted.


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Please let me know how you progress. I have Watchguard installed and works great with exception that Asterisk no longer registers when the vpn tunnel is up. So very odd.

I will use OpenVPN if it works


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Have a look at wireguard. Simpler and superior in all regards of a layer-3 only tunneller. Installation is easiest if you have a linux kernel v5.6 or newer. Trickier if older. /S

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