"Installation CD-ROM couldn't be mounted" error when trying to Install ASL image on Dell 3040

I have installed ASL on about 8 different nodes with no issue in the past few months, but today get the following error soon after the ASL install starts:

No other options in the install menus will get past this step. Always comes back with the same error. Doesn’t make any sense because it’s running from a USB drive, which has the ASL installer image (from the ASL site from Index of /ASL_Images_Beta/Intel-AMD/), so it clearly mounted the USB OK, but now is looking for a CD??

Has anyone seen this before or have any ideas how to debug/fix? Thanks, David

Update: Seems to now be working again after a number of inconsistent and strange errors. I found on the ubuntu forum a similar issue to which one answer was just unplug and replug the usb when the error occurs, which did not seem to help, same error message again, but then the installer did finally then offer to let me specify the location of the “CD”, so I put in /dev/sdb1, and it gave the same error again, but then after I continued it starting working, gave one more error message about firmware file that could not be found, but then continued fine with the install. So the install is now done and working fine.

(Previously I had been using 16GB Dell Wyse 3040’s and had a clonezilla image I restore on them that has the latest beta code compiled from source, one other DHCP fix, and Supermon & Allscan preinstalled, which makes setting up a new node pretty quick, but this 3040 I just set up has only 8GB NVM and clonezilla gave an error trying to clone to it, apparently not able to adjust the partitions automatically, even though the actual space taken up by the image is only about 4 GB.)

The ASL community assumes you to use Balena Etcher not Rufus or of that sort, it will “flash” and Emulate the CD install meaning it will mount a virtual CD of sort thus this message will not appear. :-/