Install on my PC went Pear Shaped

Well my Install on my PC went Pear Shaped…

Now when I go to the URL I Just get txt…

This is on Both Allmon2 and Supermon

<?php include(""); ?> <?php include ""; ?>

Welcome to <?php



Had to remove the rest as New Posters can only have 2 Links,

Any Ideas where my Disconnect may be ?



I’m guessing I goosed apache

Plot Twist.

I can access allmon2 and Supermon when away from my router via cell service.

So it looks like I screwed up local access…

Allmon3 has yet to arrive…


Based on the problems people are having installing it this way, I’m in the process of rewriting everything to be a python-driven websocket. Then no one has to fool with PHP which seems to be a significant part of everyone’s issues.

Please Update me when you have finished as I would still like to Use Allmon3



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