Ident response to kerchunks

I have beaconing set 0 (beaconing is not permitted here)
I have these settings:
idrecording=/etc/asterisk/local/512810 ; Main ID voice
idtalkover=|iVK2ROJ ; ID when signal present

and they work as expected (IMO) when someone is talking you get the morse, outside an over you get the voice ident.
But is the voice ident supposed to Tx when someone just kerchunks after 20mins of silence (no repeater activity)? or is it by design that you need a bit of voice traffic to get the ident to fire?

Next Q: Is there a log I can get from the node which demonstrates the ident is being actioned as per license requirements? (not specifically but perhaps something I can use)

I’ll put the Q another way just to be clear… is COS from the repeater (i.e. causing the node to lift/open COS) supposed to trigger the ident or set/reset the ident timers?


When you get a Signal into the repeater thru COS it starts an ID Timer. Here in the USA it is every 10 minutes during a conversation. then when there is no more repeater activity it will ID 1 time at a 10 minute interval then stay Idle. you at 20 minutes will be the same way. Yes COS can trip the ID if it has been IDLE for a long time

The ID timers are trigged by the transmitter keying on, ie local PTT. That way links and announcements (other than the IDer itself) get Iced. Kinda makes sense in that it’s the transmit action that needs to be IDed, not what the receiver is doing.

yes - same requirement here.
But the id keeps coming with no traffic - so something ;ike the repeater squelch tail from the repeater, after the ID finishes, resets the timer and I need to work out how to “ice” the timer

So just clarify for me… node radio Vs Repeater… local PTT is the node radio, Vs Repeater Tx… ??
When the ID finishes on the node radio (local PTT), the repeater sends a Squelch Tail (1 sec - is the lowest available on the MTR2000), triggering COS on the node and so wouldn’t this tend to trigger the timer again on the node?

OK - so I restart Asterisk Server
node starts, macro *55 just to be sure to turn telemetry off
no ID all good
12 minutes later still no ID all good, link another node, no telelmetry of connection, all good
still no activity on the repeater to confuse things all good.
I key up on the linked node, it PTTs from the node radio, repeater transmits and this is followed by the node ID announcement. All good - exactly what I am looking for.

So I sit and wait - again absolutely no repeater activity while I wait.
10 minutes later, the ID plays again - so OK maybe that’s the last one that should play.
When the node radio PTT stops, the repeater opens COS on the node radio with the squelch tail… hmmm

But no… another 10 minutes, no repeater activity and the ID plays again. This goes on and on.

So how do I stop this? What do I set to make sure the ID finally stops?
Seems I need to somehow ignore the squelch tail that comes back after my ID announcement PTT… but I also need to have the announcement get triggered from any activity including a short kerchunk and squelch tail. I need to remain deaf for at least a sec after my own (node radio) PTTs with an ID.


So you are saying the MTR is making hangtime? You might try turning off MTR’s repeat function? Or if that’s not possible (aka in cabinet repeat) set the node to duplex=3 so you don’t have an echo due to two audio paths.