IAX2 protocol or software

Novice at Allstar. Trying to bring up node 51310. When CLI > iax2 show registry is executed, the response is iax2: command not found. The IAX.conf file has been checked, a few minor errors corrected or unhashed marked comment and IP change, same result (no registry, no place on the map or the node list). Port 4569 is open on the router and aimed at the Allstar machine

Does IAX2 have a software package, reliance or drivers that didn’t get loaded? how does this get corrected so the registration can occur?


IAX is what they call a channel driver in the Asterisk world. Chan_iax is normal loaded by default with AllStar but it sounds like something went wrong in your case. You might have to do a re-install. But try this first. At the asterisk CLI type iax2 then press tab twice. You should see this:

*CLI> iax2 
jb         no         provision  prune      reload     set        show       test       trunk      
*CLI> iax2

You could also do this to see if iax is loaded.

*CLI> show modules like iax
Module                         Description                              Use Count 
chan_iax2.so                   Inter Asterisk eXchange (Ver 2)          21        
1 modules loaded

Did you keep the original iax.conf? If so that might save your butt. Copy that back into place and restart Asterisk with astres.sh