IAX Trunk Allstar to FreePBX

Has anyone actually successfully got a IAX trunk working Allstar Node to FreePBX? I have tried everything here and none have worked.

I have not done this with versions of freepbx of the last 8 years,
but I have done it more than once.

The issues you have could be many,
so, lets look at them one at a time.

Can you post your iax.conf for both systems. MASK PASSWORDS

As I remember it, freepbx actually uses msql db for storing settings. But it still prints them to the files.
My question would be if a modern freepbx system will read a edited file and absorb changes into the msql db.

In any case, if I can see the files, it would be a up to date of the actual settings.

You might also mention what you intend to dial at the other box. While one is obvious, the radio extensions, so what is it you want to do from ASL box at freepbx box ?

Just want to mention there is this post where we’ve already gone over it some:

And this article is mentioned in the post, which one of the members was able to use instead of the examples I had given:

Hope this helps