I need to know what frequency and tone squelch I should use in the BF-888S in my AllStar server

I am in Humboldt, TN and to the best of my knowledge there are no other AllStar servers within miles and miles. I am thinking of using a freq of 445.75 MHz with a tone squelch of 85.4 Hz. Is there a better choice? Thanks.

Hello Charles.

85.4 Hz PL tone should be fine for your AllStar node. (Not sure there’s a better choice when no one else is really around to key-up on the node that often)

If you’re able to match the PL tone suggested by the local repeater coordinator folks in your area, I suppose you’d get brownie points with them. Down here our PL tone of choice is 146.2 and so most folks with a VFO can just move around in-between various repeaters with the same PL transmit/receive tone with ease. Just something to consider.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response. At the rate I am progressing, I may never get the server up and running. I can solder fairly well, but the wiring is pretty sketchy. And the fact that I am not a Linux guy is a problem too. Anyway, I am going to go with the settings I posted. Thanks.
73 de Charles