I have (finally) finished construction of the G7RPG server. Now what?

After what seems like a short eternity, I have finished building the G7RPG server. I have an AllStar node number. I have the firmware downloaded and flashed onto a micro SD card and the card is in the RPi 3 B. I preprogrammed the BF-888S with the same operating frequency and tone squelch on all 16 channels. I powered up the server and the power LED came on, and a few seconds later the status LED came on. There is no smoke. I am using a Win 10 PC; I know almost nothing about Linux. Would someone direct me to the next step or two? Thanks.

Have you got a display and keyboard hooked up to the Pi? If you can get direct access that way it’ll make your life a lot easier.

Most folk refer to this collection of hardware as an ‘Allstar node’ BTW, with ‘G7RPG node’ specifically being one that’s constructed and supplied by Peter G7RPG himself.

Thanks for the reply; I am still learning the lingo, so please excuse my terminology errors.
No, I don’t have a keyboard and monitor connected, but it should be no problem to hook them up. Then where do I find the procedure to follow?

Hey Charles,

No problem regarding the terminology. I’m fairly new to this myself and hardly in a position to advise, but there’s a chance that reference to ‘G7RPG Server’ in your thread’s subject line may have caused somebody to scroll past when in fact they may have been able to offer assistance.

If I were you I’d first connect the RPi to a monitor and keyboard, and make sure that it’s booting using the SD card you’ve provided. You will likely already know the default user login and password, and when you enter this on the command line you’ll be greeted with a basic blue menu that will assist you in configuring the node, similar to this one.

At least that’s how I remember doing it, but it’s been a while so I’m hesitant to offer more advice now, especially when a more descriptive thread subject line is likely to attract somebody with way more knowledge than me. :wink:

Good luck Charles, look forward to working you on your new node…

Okay, it looks like I got through the ASL configuration. Thanks. But now I am getting “Login incorrect” so I will start another thread.

Hi Charles.

I’ve found the YouTube series by Ben 2E0BMT to be invaluable for the first second and third Nodes I’ve built. I’ve written down the time stamps in the ones I’ve used for different points along the way, and when I have trouble, I can go back and find Ben’s guidance.

The other really useful thing once you have the Node configured, Supermon working happily and the Node apparently working, is to connect to the Enhanced Parrot Node 55553 - the Node will play back your audio - and also tell you whether your audio level (called RX audio in Supermon) is correct, too high or too low. Once it seems to be working - find a nice network of linked repeaters or similar in your area, and you’ll be happy as the proverbial!


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Hello Mark,
Thanks for your input. I, too, have referred extensively to Ben’s video series. In fact, I was just about to go back to the one about modifying the CM108 fob to see if I missed something in connection of the audio out line. I really believe I am close to having it wired correctly, but want to check one more time before concluding that I have a firmware problem.

Okay, I have rechecked all the wires, and cannot find anything wrong. There is no obvious reason why I am not getting audio to the BF-888S that is part of the node. I am beginning to wonder if there is a problem with BF-888S itself.

Any suggestions from anyone would be welcome. I am baffled at the moment.