I have a SHARI Pi4V that I am trying to run on ASL2.0 flashed to an old HP G6 Pavillon-No Transmit

Good afternoon,
I am trying to fully install a SHARI Pi4V on an older HP computer that I flashed the ASL 2.0 Beta on. I currently can connect and disconnect to nodes and receive traffic with no problem. I am unable to transmit. I figure that there are settings on the transmit side that need to be adjusted but am not sure which ones to adjust or what to set them to. As a side note, I can reverse the USB connectors with the same result. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I am also researching this on the SHARI Pi site.
Thank you,

Well Ray,
You do have this logic thing that says ‘active high’ or ‘active low’
I am not familiar with shari at all so hang with me a moment.
I can only relate to settings in app_rpt/ASL

(in simpleUSB or USBradio.conf whichever you are using)

invertptt = 0 ; Invert PTT: 0,1 ( 0 - ground to transmit, 1 - open to transmit )

Most tx’rs are activated by switching to ground the ptt line on the radio. But I don’t know what your setup specifically.

Good evening Mike,

Thank you for the response. When I setup ASL I made sure that invertptt = 0 ; Invert PTT: 0,1
; 0 - ground to transmit
; 1 - open to transmit
as well as making sure that the COS/CTSS invert for carrierfrom = and ctcssfrom = were set to
no = No carrier detection at all
usb = COR(COS) line active Hi
usbinvert = COR(COS) line active Low.

With these settings I am unable to transmit but receive clear as a bell. There is nothing on the transmit side as far as carrier. I monitor the ECR on there website when I was asking for an audio check but wasn’t getting out.

The SHARI Pi4V was given to me so I do not have any documentation as far as radio settings for the SHARI. I am thinking that I may switch the invertptt settings to see if that may fix the problem.

Your thoughts?

Not knowing you exact config makes help much more difficult than if it were in front of me.

But perhaps this will help.

Know that a PTT line ‘normally’ switches to ground when active.
So, it may not show a voltage when inactive or what may be called ‘float’ voltage if any.

So you need to know how the PTT line activates on the radio side and test your shari output line accordingly.
invertptt as needed for a test.

I’m sure at least you will find out what you need anyway.

Also, I have yet to know how this is being used, but I am guessing it is a ‘simplex node’ ?
So, duplex mode has a part to play in this as well and will change that logic if it is not correct.


Also know that after editing .conf files, you need to restart asterisk to have those parameters active.
sudo systemctl restart asterisk -from a command line

Good afternooon Mike,

I am using the Simpleusb configuration and a Duplex type of <1> Half Duplex with telemetry tones (Simplex Mode.) The SHARI came to me with a frequency of 147.420 MHz and a CTCSS Tone of 100Hz. I am wondering if the Tone is causing the problem of not transmitting.

I am also looking to find a way to see how the SHARI was programmed.

I appreciate your help.


While one should never say never,
It is highly unlikely the tone has anything to do with logic output or input.

Hi Mike,

I will keep at it. Changing the PTT from ground didn’t work either. I will keep looking at the Transmit settings to see if I can figure it out. I may try the USB Radio setting vice SimplexUSB to see if maybe that changes anything.