I can not sign into my account or reset password or re-register my callsign

My AllStar node was established and validated in March of 2021. I have let time pass and not logged in since validation. I had built my Shari Pi3U Node several months ago and was just now getting around to programming it. Unfortunately now that I am circling back to the project I find that I am unable to sign into my previously created account. Further, as I tried to reset my account password it will not allow this action. Also when I attempt to re-register my account under my callsign it will not allow me to enter the dialog. Could you possibly point me in the right direction? Thanksin advance for any assistance you might be able to provide. 73 W2JLS

Likely if you entered your password wrong a few times, you were locked out.
So even if you later entered it correctly later, it still would not let you in.
I do not know this for sure but wait some time, not sure how much but 24hrs should definitely be enough and try again.

Perhaps one of the admins for that will catch your post and be able to help if you are still having an issue. I might suggest writing it down on tape and putting under your keyboard or something.
And watch that caps lock …LOL…


Thanks for getting back with me on this. All good thoughts there. I have reached out to the help desk and had feedback from Jim. I still don’t as yet have a path forward on a reset to working status. That being said I haven’t tried since my original post. I will give it another shot here shortly and see how things go.

Cheers and 73. BTW if you know any of the admins perhaps you could pass my issue along to them,
Happy 2022.

John S. W2JLS

I have had this issue now for some time & tried & re-tried to resety of several years now & to no results. I sure hope someone will read this & give some help I have tried now for over a month. Had Dave contact them too but just ended up with the lof-in to reset not working. Harold W2HR


I was able to get the reset help that I needed. I mentioned you to the gentleman that assisted me. If he hasn’t already, I suspect that he will be reaching out to help you soon. Thanks for feeding back to my post. Good luck with your reset. 73!

John S.

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Hi Harold,

If you are still having issues resetting your password, please send an email to helpdesk@allstarlink.org and I will help you get it resolved.

Jim, K6JWN

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