I am in the process of building an AllStar node based on the G7RPG design

I am still missing a few essential parts, but they are on order and everything should be in hand by 6 January 2023. I have requested for a server to be added to my account, but have not received a response yet. My first contact via AllStar will hopefully be on my home-built node.

Just to clarify, you should request a ‘NODE’ or ‘NODES’ and the server you create on your own at the ASL Portal. You just fill in the server details. IP/PORT of how it can be found and communicated with etc.


When you get your node numbers, you can assign them to a server(s) you create.
You can assign as many nodes to a server as it physically can support.
I only suggest you use defaults till you have a reason not to , at least till you have it working.

Welcome aboard !

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Hi Mike,
Thanks for the reply; although I have been a ham for a long time, I am still learning. I will do better with the terminology.
Today, I tried to pre-program the BF-888S and failed miserably. My programming cable contained a Prolific chip, and the driver was outdated. After a lot of trials and errors, I realized that Prolific had intentionally “disowned” the version of the chip in my cable, and I could not update the driver. So, I replaced the Prolific USB to TTL converter with an FTDI device. As it turned out, the cable used a red wire for the RXD and a white wire for the TXD; I can’t imagine why. After swapping the RX/TX connections, it still didn’t work with the 888 and Chirp. But when I tried the same cable with Chirp and two different UV-5R radios, it worked fine with them both. So, I returned the 888 and ordered two more; maybe one or both of them will work. I spent the whole day on the project, and didn’t make much progress.
Perhaps I will accomplish more tomorrow. 73.

FB Charles,
I only wanted to make sure you had a basic understanding. So you don’t end up chasing your tail. I have seen a few howto’s folks have published on the web and twist some of the terminology to the point it makes it confusing for new users.

On the other stuff, I found a long time ago that it is handy to keep several USB-rs232/TTL devices around.
Part of the new digital ham toolset LOL. But at times you will find with successive windows versions over the years, they drop support for the drivers for one reason or the other.

So, you do have to keep up with the latest in that regard. I think I am using converters based on CH340 now. Get them on ebay about 6 at a time.Cheaper that way.
Nice thing is Linux normally supports hardware a little longer. But I have a box of stuff no longer supported, and I do not know why I keep them. Most all software for this stuff is windows based, so no real blessing.

So, keep a eye on your ASL account, when the nodes are issued, they will appear in the portal.
Not sure if you get a email notification now-a-days. The holidays surely have created some delays.

In the case you have not noticed it, there is a beginners guide in the wiki…

But, you are in the right place for posting questions.

My first BF-888S wouldn’t work, so I sent it back and ordered a pair from Amazon. They finally came in today, or so I thought. When I opened the box, it was a UV-5R, so I sent that back and reordered the pair of BF-888S, but they won’t arrive until Monday 9 Jan 2023. :astonished: