HT Mystery - Can Hear QSOs but They Can't Hear Me

UPDATE: Found the problem in the SimpleUSB config file. It needed to be set for the preferred simplex setting. Problem solved.

Radio-to-Computer Interface: RIM-ALINCO Board for AllStarLink (Repeater Builders).

Radio: Alinco DR-135 Mk III

TYT Model MD-UV380

My HT connection to my ASL node (via the node-attached radio) passes all the “tests” under the SimpleUSB tuning menu.

Active radio interface is [usb_567160]
Device String is 1-1.1.3:1.0
Card is 1
Rx Level currently set to 450
Tx A Level currently set to 750
Tx B Level currently set to 750

  • I have adjusted “Set Rx Voice Level (using display)” to bob around just under the 5KHz level.
  • Transmit Levels A & B are set to 750 (as confirmed above).
  • Toggle Echo Mode produces a perfect audio playback.
  • I can hear myself on other HTs listening to my node radio.
  • Flash toggles PTT & transmits a tone.
  • All parameters are properly saved via the “W” menu option.

Yet, no one can hear me when I key up for a net though I can hear them perfectly.

This does NOT happen when I’m using the Transceive ASL App on my MacBook Pro. I can be heard without any problems. I can hear my voice being transmitted from the HT through the Transceive App.

I control the linking/unlinking via the HT keypad with no problems.

Any suggestions as to what to check? As far as I can tell, the HT audio is not getting passed on to ASL.

Thank you.