How to update ASL

Our node is running firmware v1.6-15, Asterisk v1.4.23-pre.hamvoip-V1.6.2-10 app_rpt-0.327.06/01/2020
Linux is 4.19.65-1-ARCH.

I want to start streaming to Broadcastify, and it looks like I need beta-2.0.0. Can I do this as an in-place upgrade on our Pi, or do I need to do a new SD card for this?

I tried to do an apt-get to install ezstream, but it seems that the OS on the Pi doesn’t have apt-get…

Don Sayler W7OXR
Lake Washington Ham Club, K7LWH

I’d be very surprised if HamVoIP can’t stream to Broadcastify. But you’re welcome to switch to the ASL Beta 2. We’re happy to have you.

There is no in-place upgrade. You’ll need to burn a new SD and build your node again. It’s not that hard and it “builds character”. :slight_smile: Keep your old SD in case you want to easily switch back.

Setting up Broadcastify on HamVoIP is very simple. Rather than apt-get, use pacman. For example, to install ezstream:

[root@RPi4B-dev ~]# pacman -Sy hamvoip-ezstream
[root@RPi4B-dev ~]# pacman -S screen

Then, to complete the installation:
…Configure the file /etc/asterisk/ezstream.xml to add your broadcastify username/password parameters.

…Setup the outstream command statement in the node stanza you want to broadcast in /etc/asterisk/rpt.conf …For example, with node [1234], Something like:


…Save the rpt.conf file and restart asterisk
…Launch ezstream, using a screen session to “background” the process:

[root@RPi4B-dev ~]# screen -dmS ezstream

[root@RPi4B-dev ~]# screen -S ezstream -X stuff ‘lame --preset cbr 16 -r -m m -s 8 --scale 1.1 --bitwidth 16 /tmp/outsound/pipe1 - 2>/tmp/stream.status | ezstream -qvc /etc/asterisk/ezstream.xml\n’

…That’s it.

73, David KB4FXC