How to silence "asterisk -rx command" result?

asterisk -rx “rpt cmd ${node} cop 14 1” returns an audible “FF1”. How do I silence that audible result, please? The -m option doesn’t.

why are you trying to set a control state? that one is automatically set

I need the controlstate to disable ${node} Tx without an asterisk restart, as long as a certain condition is met. The last line in rpt.conf is “includeifexists custom/rpt.conf”, and /etc/asterisk/custom/rpt.conf contains:

;statenum = copcmd,[copcmd]...
0 = rptena,lnkena,apena,totena,ufena,noicd  ; Normal operation
1 = rptdis,lnkdis,apdis,totena,ufdis,noice  ; Repeater only operation

This works perfectly as intended, but I would like to disable the announcement for that cmd only.

Thank you for your considerations.

Have you tried -q

I am not sure it will work for app_rpt
because while it is a function of asterisk, you are changing a app_rpt function in channel.

asterisk -h for help on proper placement.

But I think it would go something like this…
asterisk -rx -q “rpt cmd $(node) cop 14 1”
but this might work also
asterisk -rxq “rpt cmd $(node) cop 14 1”

man asterisk indicates:

       -q     Reduce  default  console  output  when  running in conjunction with console mode  (-c).

One can temporarily duplicate the issue from the command line by setting the node variable to your node number xxxxx and then issuing one command to enable it and one to disable it:

asterisk -rx "rpt cmd ${node} cop 14 1"
asterisk -rx "rpt cmd ${node} cop 14 0"

Well, as I said, I don’t think it ‘generally’ can be done.
There are a few commands that have suppression option that are built into the app_rpt code.
Like switching the logic on parallel port pins or suppressing all the pre-dial stuff on a phone patch etc.
Few items specific.