How to set up URIxB with ARCOM RC210 Controller and AllStar

Does anyone have experience with setting up the RC210 controller with the URIxB and AllStar?

Richard AE6XO

Did you have a specific question? Generally the connections should be fairly straight forward. Like any repeater controller interface, connect the URI to an unused port. Cross connect controller PTT to URI COR and controller RX audio to URI TX audio. CTCSS detect will have no connection to the URI. May need a pull up resistor on one or both PTT.

You’ll need to work out a way to set audio levels. Also making the DTMF commands compatible will need to be worked out.

Hopefully someone with experience on this will jump in. If not and you have to work this out yourself please come back and lets know how you did it. That will help the next guy. Of course feel free to ask questions and/or post comments along the way.

Edit: After I composed this post I searched for RC210. A bunch of results came back. Use the search tool to take a look.