How to set static ip on rpi 3 b+

Hi All, I’m setting up a new node on a RPI 3b+ to replace an old node pc.
I have set up the node with the RC 101 image. I’m trying to set the node to a static ip.
The last time I did this was about a year ago.
I used this script to set the ip:
It doesn’t seem to work any more since I did all the initial upgrades.

I didn’t see anything in the asl menu for setting static ip.
can anyone point me in the right direction?


You can find/set the network options for DHCP vs. Static IP in the ‘1) Run first-time menu’ option on the asl-menu home screen.

Technically, its the same process you would’ve gone through when initially setting up the node.

Just go through the prompts, watch for existing settings, and pay attention to the “Do you want to change this?” question, and say ‘yes’… advance through some more screens, and provide the static settings when prompted on ‘Network setup’ screen, and finish the wizard. You’ll end up restarting your node to apply the changes.

If anyone else has a better method, please chime in. :slightly_smiling_face: