How to set language sound files?


Being French, we would like to use french language sound files.
I see that there are subfolders in the sounds folder,named /fr, /es.

Where should I change the language setting in Asterisk so we can use our own sound files we would place in these folders ?

Another problem is the always mentioned problem of the sound file 2.ulaw common to “2” and “to”, which is specific to the english language.

I looked in the app_rpt.c file and this file is called only twice in 2 functions. It should be relatively easy to change this so that it points to a new rpt/to.ulaw and not to digits/2.ulaw.
Could this be implemented in the next release ?

I’m aware that it would impact a lot of nodes in the US.

Thank you, 73

Meanwhile, I found out how to change the default language:

in /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf:

add a [config] stanza if it doesn’t exist
add line : languageprefix = yes

in /etc/asterisk/chan_dahdi.conf
add line language = fr (or your own language)

The subfolder in var/lib/sounds/fr should reflect the original var/lib/sounds folder with all the subfolders, like /digits, /letters, /rpt etc…

That solves the first part of my question.

73 Patrick

I am not sure what can be implemented in future release.
Know that ALLISON (female voice) recordings were extended in a special session, but I do not know if that included other languages. So it may only be a basic set ?

I can only add that likely, you will need to build your own for what is missing for a particular language other than English.

If you can successfully complete a language, we could post a link to your work or include as a downloadable to help others.

While there are folks that might want to help you out, it is doubtful any are multi-lingual.
So you can see the dilemma.

Hi Jim,

We have our french sound files up and running for some years now. No problem with that.
We only translated what we need.

I hope the next version will correct this annoying problem with “2” and “to”.

I noticed that it has been corrected for years now in the HamVoip distro.

Unfortunately, I’m not good enough in Linux to compile ASL after correction the 2 lines of app_rpt.c.

73 Patrick.

I agree this is an annoying grammatical error. I was looking through the sound files included in the asterisk-core-sounds-en-gsm package on Debian, and I actually could not find a “to.gsm” file for Allison. Maybe that’s why the developer took the shortcut of using the digit? In any case I’ll write this up as an issue and see if we can get it fixed.

I exchanged mails with kb4mdd, and he told me that this problem will be corrected today and available on Github.

I myself made a fork on my Github and corrected this as well. Now I’m studying how to compile the whole stuff. As said, I’m not good in Linux.

I don’t know if an update/upgrade will update my node ?

I’m glad if I could help despite my little experience.

73 Patrick TK5EP

You need to tell the correct folks.
And now is a good time. Please use enough detail to convey exactly the issue.


Who should do this ?
Both encbar5 and kb4mdd are willing to raise an issue and/or a Github pull request.

73 Patrick

A person who can describe the issue well/precise should post.
( I think it has been a known issue, nobody posted )
However, it’s always worth a look to see if it has been described previously.

But to my knowledge which could be wrong, all the alt languages are part of the asterisk project alone.
What is being pointed to in files to is part of the code though.

A pull request has been made by kb4mdd :

Excellent ! Short and sweet, to the point.