How to or is it possible to Pass DTMF - 2019 edition

We have tried 2 different methods to pass DTMF over our repeater system to control our SRS controllers. (propagate_dtmf and pager tone using COP 48)

Our goal is:

hit #123 on any repeater to Allstar, for #123 to come out intact on every port, including ASL endpoints (places where an RTCM (ASL node) is connected to a controller port.

Ideally, it would be nice if it would just allow the # DTMF to pass through, instead of doing any muting whatsoever.

We have successfully got it to pass all DTMF digits, except #, using the ‘propagate_dtmf’ flag in rpt.conf.

Any suggestions or info appreciated-

Found this by searching this site. See if it helps.

Thanks Tim will look and pass along to Mike as well.

Mike mentioned he sort of found a way but requires certain controllers on both ends not RTCM on one side and SRS on the other. (or something like that) Anyway- frustrating something so simple seems so hard to do. Thx for the assistance. 73

did you ever get the dtmf pass tru to work? i have it working in my
system. K6DLP

How did you solve it?