How to connect voip phone to Cloud ASL 2.0.0 beta node?

Tom Salzer’s Random Wire served as a recipe/template for the instance I installed as per Alan Nathanson WA3WCO ASL-Install on Debian 12.5 on a cloud server which is running just fine and to which I can easily connect using RepeaterPhone App on my iPhone. I’d like to use my shack VOIP phone (Yealink T48S) which would be a preferred means of connecting to that node when I’m in my shack/home office. Clearly I have to do something in the cloud instance [sip.conf and extensions.conf?] and in the phone [dialplan to connect to the cloud instance?].

I don’t want to use hamshackhotline or hamsoverip because both require the node to be made publicly available to other hams over their network. I’d like to keep this node private as I intend to operate it as a full-time 24/7/365 monitor of my club’s repeater.

Thank you for any pointers to a recipe I can follow or a template or . . .

73 de K3FZT / Steve

Well, as a starting point, there is this: AllStar SIP Phone Configuration - AllStarLink Wiki

I do have a local node connected to my SIP phone. I wrote about it at Using VOX with AllStarLink and an IP Phone - by Tom Salzer and included some screen shots of various configuration details. Maybe that will be helpful to you.

Tom KJ7T

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Thank you, Tom. I should have acknowledged you as the source that pointed me in the proper direction to get my cloud instance installed and operational.

I had already been to the AllStarLink Wiki and knew I was going to go back there to truly dig-in and use that information, but being human I was looking for an “Easy Button.” Thanks also for the pointer to your link for the local node. I’m sure there will be wisdom there I can glean for my desired configuration.

73 de K3FZT / Steve